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Training Workshops

Are your sales reps stuck in a rut?

Do they do what they’ve always done, day in day out?  If they get great results then that’s the right course of action.  However, these days what worked successfully a few years ago doesn’t always bring in the turnover that you need.

Naturally, if staff aren’t performing as you need it can cost your company a lot of money. You may have to employ more sales reps than you need.  Worse still, your machines could be standing as you lose work to the competition.

So giving your staff some new skills and vision is vital. But whom do you use?  Most training companies just offer generic sales  training.  They don’t have any particular insight into the printing industry.

We offer print-specific sales training

We deliver training specifically for the printing industry.  Our trainers have all worked in the printing industry.  We know your market.  We know what it’s like.  We know what specific challenges you are facing.

There’s another element that makes our training unique.

Our training is from the buyer’s point of view

All the training sessions that we deliver are designed by print buyer Matthew Parker.  Matthew has over 20 years experience in buying print.  He has received over 1,400 sales pitches from printing companies.  He knows what works and what doesn’t.

Our training is delivered by people who still regularly work on print projects. There is no academic theory: it is all based on actual experience of the industry. Our experience and training is based on the print industry today, not as it was five years ago.

To our knowledge, nobody else offers training that is specific to the printing industry and from the print buyer’s point of view.

Can you justify taking your staff off their normal duties for training?

Your business copes when a member of staff is sick or takes a holiday. We are asking for one day of your sales team’s time for a workshop.

At the end of the day they will have a new vision, new skills and an action plan of what they will implement. That’s a big benefit for one day out of the office.  You are likely to repay your investment many times over.

We are also experienced for coming up with realistic solutions if you need to train a team, so that you are not missing a whole department for a day’s course.

Will the courses be relevant to my company/situation?

Before we deliver any training, we discuss the needs of your company and delegates in detail.  We haven’t yet come across an instance where a trainee hasn’t received useful information for the needs that they have raised.

There is plenty of time on all courses to discuss specific issues for your company.  Naturally, on all courses there are live exercises where you will work on your own issues and challenges.

We are happy to discuss bespoke needs for your company before the course if necessary.  Of course, we are experienced in writing a course agenda just for you if that is more appropriate.

Will attendees put what they learn on the course into practice?

All training is run using brain friendly techniques to ensure maximum learning and retention of what is taught. In addition, all candidates come away from workshops with a personal action plan based on what they have learnt. These action plans can be monitored.

Follow-up mentoring and coaching after workshops can also be arranged.

Naturally, we don’t expect you just to take our word for the quality and effectiveness of our training.  We want you to be sure about it.

The “ask our clients” guarantee

We’re keen that you don’t just take our word on our products. We welcome you speaking to our clients. We’ll put you in touch with a client that we have worked with on a similar project or training. Or, if you want to speak to any client who has a testimonial on this site, that’s fine too.

We deliver training worldwide

Profitable Print Relationships is based in the UK.  However, we have clients in various areas of the world. We deal with their training needs in two ways. Often needs training can be delivered by distance learning. But we will also travel if there is a whole programme that needs delivering face to face.

We’ll also be announcing some exciting e-learning initiatives soon.

I only have one member of staff that needs training

Most of our training is delivered on an individual company basis.  However, Matthew also delivers open workshops.  Find out what is currently scheduled.

And we’ll be announcing some exciting e-learning initiatives soon.

What should you do next?

Details of our regular training programmes are below. If you have any questions about our programmes or would like to discuss any requirements contact us right now.

How To Stop Giving Way On Price – Effective Negotiation Skills

By the end of this workshop you will have a system that will let you hold your own when you are being pushed on price. You’ll learn how to plan when you know you have a tough negotiation ahead. You will understand how to get the results that you need.

That means you’ll be able to book sales at higher prices. Your company will make more profits. And you’ll receive more commission.

Find out more

How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price Workshop

By the end of this workshop you will have a system that will help you engage prospects and customers in a new way. You will find that your conversations will revolve less around price and more around how you can help their businesses.  You’ll find that you are having conversations about value rather than price. You’ll also find that prospects want to use you as their chosen supplier.

You will also find out some different ways of using your message that result in less cold calling and more warm prospects.

Find out more

Realistic sales planning

By the end of this masterclass you will have a system to create a realistic sales budget, understand exactly what activities you need to carry out in order to win enough of the right new clients and make sure that your sales activities stay on track. That means you’ll be able to achieve the sales that your company needs. You will be in control of a realistic sales pipeline. You’ll have more job satisfaction. You’ll be hitting your targets.

Find out more

Mentoring with Matthew

Sometimes it can be hard making progress with your sales and marketing strategies. Often it’s hard to work out the best way forward.

Perhaps there’s no one you can ask for feedback. Sometimes it is helpful to be able to talk to someone outside your company.

That’s why I no offer mentoring service to clients.

Find out more

Moving Away From Commodity Sales

In this workshop you learn how to create proposals that work for print solution sales. You will learn how to increase conversion rates and sell at higher prices. You’ll also learn how to create great, long-lasting customer relationships.

Find out more

Presenting An Effective Message

By the end of this workshop you will understand the most effective ways to give information to prospects and customers. You will learn how different people react to information. You will learn how to manage different styles of people.

That means you’ll have a much higher chance of getting your customer to say yes. You’ll book more business.

Find out more

Successful Social Media For Print Sales People

At the end of this workshop you will be able to use social media to find new prospects. You’ll also know what to do to make sure that prospects can find you. You will be able to keep prospects engaged until they are ready to buy. You will also learn how to convert social media connections into sales prospects. Finally, you will learn how to carry out social media activity efficiently.

That means you will spend as little time as possible on social media for the maximum results. You will be using your time more effectively. And you’ll have a better chance of winning more new business.

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