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How To Stop Giving Way On Price – Effective Negotiation Skills


You want that order at all costs

Your sales are down and you want to get everything you can in.  All that is on your mind is to get a new customer and get the order in.

So you drop the price

You don’t like doing it but the most important thing is to get the order.

But you’re paid on commission.  Wouldn’t you sooner get paid on 10% profit rather than 1% profit?  Or not being paid at all?

Wouldn’t you like a system that would help you sell print more profitably?

I’ve spent over 20 years buying print and negotiating with print sales people.  I’ve been responsible for multi-million pound print budgets.  Amongst other roles, I headed print purchasing for one of the UK’s leading magazine publishers.

So I’ve done my fair share of making sure that I get the best possible deal from printers.

Now I’m sharing the methods I use that make it easy for me to get the deal that I want.  I’m also telling you what you need to do to stop buyers like me driving prices down and down.

Announcing the How To Stop Giving Way On Price workshop

By the end of this workshop you will have a system that will let you hold your own when you are being pushed on price.  You’ll learn how to plan when you know you have a tough negotiation ahead.  You will understand how to get the results that you need.

That means you’ll be able to book sales at higher prices.  Your company will make more profits.  And you’ll receive more commission.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who has price discussions with clients.  The workshop is also useful for people at printing companies who are involved in purchasing.

What will you learn?

The day will focus on three main topics:

The structure of negotiation

Whether you are involved in a five-minute discussion or a three-month set of meetings, all negotiations follow the same structure. If you don’t understand this structure you will struggle to get the results you want.

Flexible goal setting

Many people that I talk price with have not done enough planning.  They will find themselves stuck with straight line negotiation.  In the print market, that makes my job as a buyer easy. You will learn how to plan proposals that you have a good chance of agreeing with the buyer without having to give way on price.

Key trading strategies

It’s all very well being told you shouldn’t give way on price, but what do you do instead?  Find out other tactics for holding your own.

At the end of the workshop you’ll understand ho negotiation works for the buyer and the seller.  You’ll be able to plan deals that are realistic for both sides. You’ll be able to stand up to buyers who push you on price.  You’ll be in control of price discussions.

“The very next day, one of our team used the techniques learnt to win an order at a much higher margin than we’d normally expect”

Matthew has now taken two groups at ESP for negotiation training. The groups included sales, customer service, purchasing, production control and logistics. Some were a little wary but once the nerves were overcome, participated keenly and certainly learnt from the experience. Matthew puts an interesting twist into the day and you quickly learn to be very careful of the flying Elks!

Pete Lucas, Commercial Director, ESP Colour

You will also learn

  • How to improve your negotiation results by over 100% with just five minutes extra work
  • How to control your negotiation in 37 seconds flat (a simple technique that gets great results)
  • How to make the other party feel a winner – at the same time as getting what you need
  • Why the best negotiators use mirroring and how it gives them power over the other negotiator
  • Why many people give their negotiation opponent the advantage in one simple move – and how to avoid making this error

Here are the details of the workshop

This is a full day workshop.  Attendance is limited to a maximum of eight participants.  This ensures that all attendees receive plenty of personal attention and that there is sufficient time to discuss the issues raised.

  • All delegates will receive a pre-workshop e-mail briefing.
  • Everyone will work on practical exercises throughout the day.  They will learn by putting theory into practice.
  • Pdf notes are also provided from the day.
  • There is a 30-day e-mail help line after the event.

The workshop is run at a venue of your choice.

Booking details

To find out more or to check availability please contact us or phone us on 0845 6521572 .

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