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Do you need one-to-one guidance to help with your sales, marketing or social media strategies?

(Discover how mentoring with Matthew Parker can help)

Discover how mentoring can drastically improve your personal and business results

Sometimes it can be hard making progress with your sales and marketing strategies. Often it’s hard to work out the best way forward.

Perhaps there’s no one you can ask for feedback. Sometimes it is helpful to be able to talk to someone outside your company.

That’s why I now offer mentoring service to clients.

Here’s why a personal mentoring programme makes sense

You will be working with a print industry expert

I have been working in the print industry for over 20 years. My mentoring programmes are not just a generic set of training. The are focused around the specific issues and needs of you and your company.

You will be working with someone who uses these strategies themselves

I’m sharing with you exactly the same strategies that I use everyday to win my business.

You know you will make progress because you are accountable to your mentor

It is very easy to put off planning and strategy when you have loads of other work. But the fact that you have deadlines scheduled with me, means that you have to take action within a certain time frame.

You won’t waste time making mistakes and wondering how to fix them

Working on a one to one basis with me means you will be able to highlight any issues immediately and take corrective action. It can be a real waste of time wondering how on earth to put something right. That’s why you need me as a mentor.

“I signed up to Matthew’s mentoring because I felt that I was lacking the knowledge and confidence to find my way around Social Media”

Andy-York-Warners-MidlandsBefore the mentoring began I approached social media without any planning and not really knowing what type of material to put out. Now I am growing in confidence, have totally changed the way I am writing content, and think of it more from the readers point of view.

Matthew is very easy to work with and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience about what works in Social Media. He understands how easy it is to be drawn into your own sales pitch, and is able to instil a new way of thinking. As a mentor Matthew is friendly, knowledgeable, patient and focussed.

The big benefits of this mentoring are being able to see my messages from a customer point of view, and putting out material that people may actually want to read.

My toughest moment on the mentoring so far was understanding where we were going in the early stages. We seemed to be doing research and at the time I couldn’t understand why. Matthew was able to keep this on track, and after a short time, it all started to become clear

I chose to use Profitable Print Relationships for mentoring as I have known Matthew for a considerable time now, and was impressed by the way he personally was using Social Media

I wish I had engaged Matthew’s help some time ago!!’

Andy York, Sales Director, Warners Midlands plc

I only ever mentor ten people – you need to act now

In order to give all my mentoring clients fair attention and to be able to fulfil my other client commitments, I only ever have ten mentoring clients. Some of these places are already filled.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a mentoring programme take?

On our first call, we work out exactly what you wish to achieve. Then I put together a specific programme for you. The length will depend on what you wish to achieve.

What support do I get during the programme?

Each month you will schedule two hour-long mentoring calls with me. These calls will take you through specific learnings. We will set action points for you to carry out before the next call. We will also review the action points that you carried out as a result of the previous call.

I will also be reviewing the results of projects that you carry out between calls via e-mail.

You also have access to an e-mail helpline between calls.

Can I have time off for a holiday during the programme?

Yes, we can schedule in breaks as long as reasonable notice is given.

Here’s why you should not delay

Remember, this mentoring is limited to 10 clients at any one time. If you don’t book quickly, the chances are I may not be able to help you for several months.

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