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Getting Your Customer To Say Yes – Presenting An Effective Message

“All I remember were his eyes glazing over”

Here’s the story of a print sales person I know who sat down to sell to a customer.  He knew he had a great solution for their problems. He knew they wouldn’t find anything similar elsewhere.  But there was a problem.

Every time he became more enthusiastic the prospect became less enthusiastic.  Every time he gave more information the prospect seemed a little bit more sleepy.

What an you do to gain a prospect’s interest?  What could I do to make them share your enthusiasm and place an order?

Wouldn’t you like a system that allows you to present to customers and get the results you want?

I spend a large part of my life presenting to people.  I’m frequently sitting down for one-to-one conversations with prospects and clients.  But I also run workshops and present to hundreds of people.  I have to be able to put information over in an interesting way.  I have to be able to keep peoples’ attention. Most importantly, I need them to take action.

Over the years I have developed a system to get the best out of people when I meet them or present to them.  Now I’m revealing the techniques that I use day in, day out to get the results that I need.

Announcing the Getting Your Customer To Say Yes workshop

By the end of this workshop you will understand the most effective ways to give information to prospects and customers.  You will learn how different people react to information.  You will learn how to manage different styles of people.

That means you’ll have a much higher chance of getting your customer to say yes.  You’ll book more business.  Your company will have more customers.  And you’ll receive more commission.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who has discussions with clients.  This workshop is aimed at those who need clients to take action, face to face or over the phone.

What will you learn?

The day will focus on three main topics:

The purpose of your conversation

If you have an important meeting with a client it is essential to remember three key words.  You’ll learn these key words and why they are so important

How to communicate effectively

People have very different learning styles and ways of communicating.  You will learn methods to understand how people think and react.  You will understand how to deal with each type of person.

Structuring information

How many times have you seen someone miss the point of what you are saying?  If you want to get information over clearly, you have to use the right structure.  It is important to grab someone’s attention and keep it. You need to make sure that it will work for anyone – no matter what sort of personality they are.  In the workshop you’ll learn a way to structure information that works with everyone.

At the end of the workshop you’ll be able to plan an effective meeting or phone call with a client.  You’ll be able to work out the most effective way to communicate with a person and you’ll be able to build a good relationship with them.

“I would have been put off running this workshop if it had been another ‘death by powerpoint’ session”

The fact that Matthew was able to focus the team on alternative ways of getting their points across that were both motivational and provided new communication methods was a major factor in my decision making.

As a result of this workshop we created
 a group of sales individuals that were not intimidated by the need to produce a presentation for a client meeting. They were motivated and keen to utilise the training skills that they picked up.

I particularly liked the fact that Matthew was able to deliver the workshop in groups that provided 1-2-1 sessions as well as the chance to learn in a group.

The workshop was structured, professionally run and to time. It provided the sales individuals time to reflect and assess that they approached each presentation meeting correctly.

I would recommend this workshop. As ever it was well run and captured the imagination of the sales team which can only benefit our sales drive.

Jon Hearnden, Commercial Operations Director, Wyndeham Group

You will also learn
  • What is a call to action and why it is essential to any conversation
  • How to get your customer excited about a meeting
  • The four ways that different people like to receive information – and how to make sure you cover them all
  • Why it is important to remember the power of 3 when talking to a customer
  • How to grab someone’s attention in less than 60 seconds
  • How to stop Powerpoint overload
  • Three different ways you must present information
  • A simple method to understand how your customer thinks
  • Why you must put yourself in the customer’s shoes
  • How to inspire people at the end of a presentation
Here are the details of the workshop

This is a full day workshop.  Attendance is limited to a maximum of eight participants.  This ensures that all attendees receive plenty of personal attention and that there is sufficient time to discuss the issues raised.

  • All delegates will receive a pre-workshop e-mail briefing.
  • Everyone will work on practical exercises throughout the day.  They will learn by putting theory into practice.
  • Pdf notes are also provided from the day.
  • There is a 30-day e-mail help line after the event.

The workshop is run at a venue of your choice.

Booking details

To find out more or to check availability please contact us or phone us on 0845 6521572 .

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