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Beat the cold calling blues:  Successful Social Media For Print Sales People


Is this how you feel when you approach social media?

Social media is the route to sales success. That’s what everyone is telling you these days.

The trouble is, it’s really hard to get the results that people promise. Now that everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, it’s hard to stand out in the social media landscape. Social media takes up valuable sales time. Many of us become disheartened by the lack of results and simply give up.

Imagine if you had prospects happy to talk to you, ready to buy

This week I spoke to numerous new contacts.  Everyone was happy to talk to me.  Nearly everyone was interested in doing business with me. I’ve already booked plenty of work from these calls.

From what I hear, many people aren’t getting the same results when they pick up the phone.  Here’s what made my success rate possible:  every single prospect that I honed this week was a contact that I’d made on social media.  I wasn’t cold calling:  I was warm calling.

Announcing the Successful Social Media For Print Sales People workshop

At the end of this workshop you will be able to use social media to find new prospects. You’ll also know what to do to make sure that prospects can find you.  You will be able to keep prospects engaged until they are ready to buy.  You will also learn how to convert social media connections into sales prospects.  Finally, you will learn how to carry out social media activity efficiently.

That means you will spend as little time as possible on social media for the maximum results. You will be using your time more effectively. And you’ll have a better chance of winning more new business.


The right social media activity will lead to good business for printing companies

Who is this course for?

Anyone involved in selling print or associated services.

What will you learn?

Firstly, we will understand how social media fits into the sales cycle.  We will also discuss the difference between personal and company activity.  Then the day will focus on three main topics:

Getting found

The best contacts are people who find you and want to connect with you.  But how do you get found?  There are tens of thousands of professionals from the printing industry on LinkedIn alone.   You will learn the most important strategies that you must put into action so that your potential customers will find you in today’s crowded social media landscape.

Finding prospects and connecting with them

How do you turn LinkedIn Connections Into Business?

It’s easy to take a lot of time to look for new connections and still miss some of the best prospects. I share three key strategies that you should be using.

I also see most people missing the chance to connect in a worthwhile way to improves your chances of making the sale.  We’ll discuss the right way to connect with prospects.



How to convert social media connections into sales

There’s no point in spending lots of time making lots of connection if you don’t turn them into sales.  One of the problems is that prospects may not be ready to buy when you connect with them.  You will learn how to stay engaged with prospects while not spending all your time on social media.  You’ll also learn how to take you connections offline and into the sales cycle.

At the end of the workshop you will understand how social media and sales can fit together.  You will have created a strategy to find prospects, connect with them and move them into the selling cycle.

“I signed up because I felt that I was lacking the knowledge and confidence to find my way around Social Media”

I used to approach social media without any planning and not really knowing what type of material to put out

Matthew is very easy to work with and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience about what works in Social Media. He is able to instil a new way of thinking. Matthew is friendly, knowledgeable, patient and focussed.

I chose to use Profitable Print Relationships as I have known Matthew for a considerable time now, and was impressed by the way he personally was using Social Media

I wish I had engaged Matthew’s help some time ago!!’

Andy York, Sales Director, Warners Midlands plc

You will also learn

  • How many sales peoples’ social media activity actually puts prospects off from buying
  • How to stop the competition knowing your contacts
  • Why you are wasting your time if you don’t tag and group your prospects
  • How to use Calls To Action to drive sales
  • The one key mistake that many people make in social media
  • How to stay engaged with 1000s of connections in less than 30 minutes a week

Here are the details of the workshop

This is a full day workshop.  Attendance is limited to a maximum of eight participants.  This ensures that all attendees receive plenty of personal attention and that there is sufficient time to discuss the issues raised.

  • All delegates will receive a pre-workshop e-mail briefing.
  • Everyone will work on practical exercises throughout the day.  They will learn by putting theory into practice.
  • Pdf notes are also provided from the day.
  • There is a 30-day e-mail help line after the event.

The workshop is run at a venue of your choice.

Booking details

To find out more or to check availability please contact us or phone us on 0845 6521572 .

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