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Why 20% of print companies will go bust in 2013 – the strategies that bring disaster

I’ve got a New Year prediction, and it’s not a nice one

In 2013 I believe 20% of print companies will go bust.  Yes – that’s one in every five printing companies.

Does that seem harsh?

Print volumes are declining.  In most countries there is already too much capacity.  Many print companies are busy investing in equipment and processes that will make them even more efficient.

Something’s got to give.

So which print companies will go bust?

The print companies that go bust will be the ones that:

  • Sell on price
  • Play the commodity game
  • Sell on service and quality and nothing else
  • Don’t actually come up with service and quality
  • Don’t have a message that engages buyers and makes them stand out

Make no mistake – I wish my prediction wasn’t going to happen

But by far the majority of print companies do many of the things that I have listed above.  So 2013 may not be a pretty year in the print markets.

What do you do if you want to find out routes to succeeding in 2013?

Look out for my next article.  And, in the meantime, check out “How To Stop Buyers Choosing on Price”.  This pdf handbook is giving printers really helpful strategies.
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