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Why printing companies without difference will lose work – and 3 great examples of difference

What happens if you don’t have a difference?

Imagine seeing three similar items in a shop. They all look pretty much the same. Which one will you choose? Nearly everyone will choose the cheapest.

When it comes to choosing a print supplier, it’s a comparable situation. The majority of printing company sales messages sound pretty much the same these days. It is one of the major reasons why buyers choose so much on price.

If you don’t have a difference you will end up in a price war

Buyers need a reason to choose something other than the cheapest price. You have to show them why they should choose you on reasons other than price.

That’s why creating a difference is time well spent.

How do you make your company stand out?

How do you make your company stand out?

Remember, difference is generally not about print

It’s not about your machinery. It’s not about your service. Difference is more about understanding what is important to the buyer.

You’ll see what I mean when we look at some sample difference ideas.

Here are three examples of difference

Market specialisation

Some buyers value you the fact that you specialize in their market niche. If you are a school are you more likely to choose a general printer or one that focuses on the education sector? Wouldn’t you prefer a supplier that has similar clients to you?


What do you do that is different to the competition? Do you have a way of doing things that is better or more thorough than the competition? Do your prospects and customers understand this?


Sometimes showing prospects the results that you have achieved for similar clients is enough to persuade them. Telling people how you help their business is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Share your difference with me

Here’s what I want to hear from you. Tell me what sets you apart from the competition. Just reply to this e-mail and share your difference. I’ll share the best ones with my readers.

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