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Why using e-mail can cost business big money

Do you hate extra costs?

I have been staying at a lot of hotels recently.  The room charge that I am quoted is rarely what I end up paying.  They manage to find a whole host of extras.  Just for starters, there are internet charges, parking charges and room service charges.  The list is endless.

But it’s very easy to miss these extra costs when you book in at a hotel.

E-mail has a lot of extra costs too

E-mail can end up costing more than you think

E-mail can end up costing more than you think

Just like hotels, the extra costs to business are often well hidden.  But this means that print is often passed over for e-mail.  That’s why the print industry needs to uncover these costs and make sure that their customers know about them.

Printers who understand the true costs of e-mail will achieve more print sales.  They will be able to educate their customers and help them create the right communication strategy.  They will create customer partnerships.

Printers who don’t advertise the true cost of e-mail will not achieve the same partnerships.  Many customers will see them as providers of an out-dated channel of communication.  Sales will dwindle.  These printers will find it hard to achieve their targets.

Here are three important facts about the cost of e-mail.

E-mail power use is costly

E-mail may seem cheap to send.  But it uses a huge amount of power.  Have a look at this article to find out the true extent.

It certainly shows that e-mail is not the green medium that many people make it out to be.  However, that is not the only cost to business.

E-mail costs businesses money

Online banking and ID theft cost UK banks over £70m last year.

However, these costs are really only calculated on the actual money lost by the banks.  They don’t take into account the staff time taken to resolve all these issues.  Nor do they take into account the impact on business time for those affected by this fraud.

E-mail doesn’t always get the right results

Here’s a case study where print achieved double the results of e-mail.  With the right offer, the extra investment in print will actually make a businesses more money.

Marketing teams really need to understand the true cost of e-mail before dismissing print.

So does this mean that we should all stop using e-mail?

Naturally, that wouldn’t work.  There are plenty of occasions when e-mail is the most effective way of communication.  However, business needs to be aware that e-mail isn’t always the great solution that they think.

The print industry needs to get this message out there.

I have one action point for you

It’s one that I really want you to carry out.  I want you to carry it out as soon as possible.

Make sure you give this message to your customers.  They need to understand that print is a means of communication that should be considered more often.

It’s important to know the right questions to ask

Then, whether you’re talking about hotels or e-mails, the true cost can be discovered.
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